We helped invent one of the most refreshing lifestyle brands.

When the partners at energywater approached us with the opportunity to brand and provide an execution strategy for their all-natural, energy-based line of products, Heated Details jumped at the chance. We were able to leverage the entire gamut of our service offering to effectively develop and deliver a brand that truly “stands out” in an otherwise saturated marketplace.

We started the project with an in-depth discovery phase that allowed us to examine the energy, and enhanced water, competitive landscape. Understanding the overall goals of energywater, we determined that a lifestyle approach with the branding and marketing effort was a perfect match for their product, and we think the results are spot on!. We let our creative team run rampant on everything from color to imagery, as well as the naming conventions which delineate the flavors of the products offered by energywater. The result of which is the creation of an iconic brand which commands consumer attention and retail shelf presence.

In addition to the brand strategy, energywater is continuing to work in partnership with Heated Details on the development of a distribution strategy, as well as several campaigns for the end of the 2013 fiscal year which involve their digital presence and social media execution. We are very pleased to have been part of assisting in the creation of this brand, and are excited for the opportunity to take this unique and awesome product to market. Oh, and by the way, be sure to keep your eyes out for it at your local retailer, it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

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